Not Drowning

Realistically, this city shouldn’t even exist.

As our plane descends, Amsterdam appears out of the clouds, laced by water like veins. It is a field divided by water fences.

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport sits four meters below sea level, according to Feats of engineering have kept Holland, also known as the Netherlands, safe from the ocean for years, setting the standard for other ocean-bordered cities to follow.

Rather than fight the water, the Dutch have used it to their advantage. The iconic mills, both wind and water, are linked to the water. The canals are streets in and of themselves. Boats line them like cars parked on a busy street. It is a parallel water transportation network.


One of Amsterdam’s many canals- They look bewilderingly alike to me.

With all that water, it’s no wonder Amsterdam has over 1200 bridges. We crossed quite a few.


Laughing Sisters in the Sun- Too bad we missed that boat.


About twosistersonaplane

Writing echoes life. Like singing in the kitchen, I just can’t seem to not write. It’s impulsive. Perhaps it’s just a reflection of the way some songs beg for lyrics. Some life experiences insist on being written. I’m a musician, and a writer. I love songs and words. I delight in exploring creation and interacting with people. Last summer, I travelled overseas for the first time to visit Europe with my sister. This blog is my way of documenting and sharing the stories that were lived during that trip.
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